Burco Bean To Cup Coffee Maker New

The Burco Bean To Cup Coffee Machine  allows you to serve the perfect cup of coffee everytime, but here the best part it does so at the fraction of the cost of any other. Precision grinders of premium standard produce excellent espresso using just 8 grams of coffee compared to the standard 10 grams. so not only is it a great value coffee machine, but it also boils down your day to day brewing costs every time.

Professional and stylish coffee maker with 18 settings which make espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, coffee crème and many more. Micro-fine sieve with over 45,000 holes provides more aroma from less coffee. Features integrated precision grinder for finely ground coffee and variable pressure for each speciality. HACCP compliant with automatic cleaning system


The Soup Kettle what can they be used for apart from soup?

These days people keep asking what soup kettles are for, yes your thinking soup correct but it can be used for so much more than soup. You can use a soup kettle for just about anything, keeping potatoes hot, warming beans and rice. So get one for winter fast.